Because it’s Monday #23: Siskin & Review of MissionGold Colors


This is my second painting with my new Mission Gold colors, first one was Iris.

Though I have not used each and every color from my set but I have used shades of Blue green and yellow orange, so my experience till now is quite good. Here are my thoughts – The colors are really clear, bright and vibrant, no doubt!  The yellows seem brighter. Ivory black is not jet black what I was expected then I went back to my WN palette and used those black and white! 

I can say really good watercolors for the price. The palette do close as tightly as I wanted. They have provided a brochure or information card in which they mentioned each tube  color, color number, lightfast rating, staining & translucency rating which is very helpful. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

About the painting I started with pencil drawing then applied mask on bird and branches. Then moved to background Then unmasked the branches bird one by one. Thank you Russ Bridges for reference photo.

Will let you know about remaining colors in my palette shades of pink and violet, will try them soon.

Siskin wish you a Happy Monday and great week ahead.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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