Mt. Evans Landscape 19/31


On the weekend we went to Mt. Evans about 45 minutes drive from Denver. It was gorgeous, scenic drive.

We went to the highest point of the mountain, it is worth it. Amazing View. We stopped at Summit Lake Park to check out the landscape. It’s incredible as well. It is so beautiful out there, we get out from car and took pictures and walk a bit. We saw a small flock of mountain goats. Drive on narrow road was real fun. It was 95 or something in Denver and there it was around 45-50. It was so cold out there.

About the painting, landscape is not my cup of tea! But thought let’s give it a try. I thought I’ll start with pencil drawing, I drew few stones but then cancelled and directly started with micron and then moved to painting. As I was not sure about the landscape process. But quite happy with the over all result.

Thanks for visiting.

21 thoughts on “Mt. Evans Landscape 19/31

    1. Yeah Laura it was fun 😀This is the first time i tried something rocky otherwise i always worked on flowers or birds etc! So happy to know you loved it! 💕


    1. Aww! Thanks so much Rebecca 🙂 Glad you think so! It was fun working on diffrent subject rather than flowers 😉 Sure will keep trying! 💕

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  1. Loook at you go go go Snehal! Wow! I was so surprised to see your landscape and so impressed with how well you executed it! It is so challenging, and you totally aced it!

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