Old Rusty Car 3/31



Since a long time I wanted to paint a Rusty car and finally I did! 🙂

I started with pencil drawing of car then moved to painting. For car I’ve used dry brush technique in between just to give rusty effect. After car I moved to grass and clouds. I’m not that much happy with clouds and I realized I need to practice for clouds. After stage 4 I kept my painting on a distance and checked for contrast, then I added more dark values to create depth.

Below are the work in progress photos.

Happy Weekend!

17 thoughts on “Old Rusty Car 3/31

    1. Thanks so much for your complement ☺️ yeah I purposefully put the car off to the side as I wanted to make it as a focal point ! 😀

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  1. This is a beautiful painting with your delicate soft touch. I think it all works well, Snehal. Love the rear view mirror you added at the end. Thanks for the progress shots too! Nice to see those images. You draw beautifully also. 💜


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