Denver Roses 🌹 2/31


Now a days we have stared exploring near by places and last weekend we went to visit Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It has things for all ages !! Many many things to do and explore. Its amazing and fun and the time flies by too fast I wish they stayed open longer you need much more time to see everything.

Any ways that’s about the Museum but these Roses are from the Denver City Park which is just besides Museum So before entering museum we saw so many beautiful roses so first we went there and clicked lots of photographs for my July painting reference 🙂

This is from one of them, so don’t be surprised if you see few more roses in next couple of days 😀  As you know Roses are my all time favorite. 😉

Happy Painting and Happy Holidays!

19 thoughts on “Denver Roses 🌹 2/31

  1. Oh sorry to have posted that link here! Im still pretty new at this hahaa! it was meant on a comment on another blog where she asked what artwork i do. truly would never impose like this on your blog! but i can find no way to remove my comment here so please feel free and ty for being so sweet! 🙂

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    1. Hey Maureen, no worries at all friend 🙂 It happens, It’s okay 🙂 By the way have visited your blog and shop too your work is pretty amazing!

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      1. Oh my goodness first thank for being so sweet and truly thank you so much for the visit. What a lovely compliment! Just made my day! xoxo!

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