Because it’s Monday #14: Bye bye MN

I can do roses almost every day πŸ˜€

For this one, I directly started Β with colors, skipped the pencil drawing stage. I’ve used WN colors for this one. I wanted to keep it simple, so just added few dark tones where needed. That’s it.

I know it’s almost Tuesday in sometime but what to do.. I was so busy with packing stuff as we are moving to Colorado. I couldn’t get time to post it..

Minneapolis is so beautiful, I just love this place. Lakes, trails everything.. I’ll miss you MN and Colorado here I come! So this one is for today.. Bye bye for next few weeks. Have a nice week ahead.. πŸ˜€

27 thoughts on “Because it’s Monday #14: Bye bye MN

    1. Hey thanks so much Rupali! So happy you liked it. Your story are interesting too πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by! By the way which part are from Maharashtra? ΰ€ͺΰ₯ΰ€£ΰ₯‡ ? ☺️

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  1. How do you do it????? Wow, Snehal! Your work is truly stunning. Beautiful and best wishes to you in gorgeous Colorado. (we drove across the country when I was in my late teens and the only state more gorgeous than CO was Utah. You are moving to a gorgeous place! MN is beautiful too, my sister lives near the Twin Cities, but CO beats it IMO! Have fun!


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