Because It’s Monday! #9 – Flowers

It’s been ages I painted roses. So I worked on these pretty roses on the weekend. I was so busy in the morning that I just came to know I forgot to publish Monday post! I know it’s almost end of day but sometimes little late is always good. Have a great week ahead 🙂

For this one I skipped pencil drawing stage and directly stared with colors.

18 thoughts on “Because It’s Monday! #9 – Flowers

    1. Thanks so much Laura! So happy you loved it 😍 check my IG I have posted one WIP video of painting.. Will be posting on blog in detail once done! 🎨💕

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      1. Heheh that’s okay! Just give me some time now a days working on my design portfolio, so will be little late in completing that painting! 😍Thank you!
        by the way it’s super easy, you just need to download instagram app in your phone and sign up and you are there! 😉 😀

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    1. Hehe Thanks Rachel ! I love playing with Roses, more you explore better the results every time ☺️😀 waiting to see your roses 🌹 happy painting friend🎨💕

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