#Day9 Tulips

Reposting an older Tulips post. As per few suggestions from my fellow artist friends I have modified the background digitally just to check out some variations. I think now this is looking much Interesting that the old one. Thank you Laura πŸ™‚

Tried Blue Background Digitally
Original Painting

I know you are not able to guess at a first glance that those are Tulips πŸ˜‘

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to learn about creating background so for this challenge I was trying the same. I started with pencil drawing then I masked the flowers then started with background color. For bg I used Reeves Watercolors as I have only those colors in tubes and Sakura Koi with cube/cakes which I mostly use for my daily painting. I don’t have a good experience with reeves color though I tried my best!

Your suggestions are always welcome πŸ™‚



21 thoughts on “#Day9 Tulips

  1. This is a good experiment. I love the orange of the tulips. Backgrounds are really difficult, I think – that’s why I avoid them so often! There’s a lot to be said for practicing just putting on big washes, both flat and graduated, but somehow I find there’s always something more interesting to do… πŸ˜‰

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  2. Love the tulips, which are easy to recognize, nice work! I struggle with backgrounds too. I’d love to see these flowers on a blue ground because I love the vibration of complementary colors. I really like the shades of green, but for me there’s lots of green here. I say because you asked for suggestions. You paint so beautifully, Snehal. Have a great Sunday!

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      1. Hheehe yes i know Laura πŸ™‚ I really wanted to improve my skills in creating backgrounds, your comment does help me to try out different versions πŸ™‚

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