Water Lily


I have used Strathmore watercolor paper, cold press, 140lb and Sakura koi colors.

I recently bought a set aquash brushes so I tried few of them for lily and lily pad. Background I have done with round brushes.

I started with pencil drawing and then I covered the window with masking tape so background wash color won’t go outside and lily-lily pad with masking fluid. Then I started coloring respectively.

It was little trouble with background but some how I call it finished 🙂 Would love to hear suggestions from you.

10 thoughts on “Water Lily

  1. It’s really beautiful Snehal. The lily pops out from the dark background so nicely and I love all the details on the flower. Masking liquid is kind of a pain in the butt but also a great tool. This makes me yearn for warmer months!

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    1. Awaa Thank you so much Cathe, that’s so nice of you 😍
      Hahaha true we need to be very careful with masking fluid, most of the times I need to rework on edges when I took off the masking fluid. As fluid doesn’t fit perfectly in curved or small parts.


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