Alice “White Boxer”

Really, Alice was such a sweet girl, she was my first pet. She was Boxer . She was a bit shy at first but her face speaks volumes! The perfect scary expressions. She was around 11 years old when she passed away.


I love dogs and the great thing about them is they give you back the same. Their love is unconditional, they are always extremely loyal bond closely to owners 🙂

This was my very first attempt at animal in water color. Noses are quite funny to draw! This one looks like incomplete but I’ll come up with a second one with more improvements.

2 thoughts on “Alice “White Boxer”

  1. What a sweetie! nice painting especially for your first one. I agree, animal noses are unusual to draw/paint. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the PDF of the Baltimore WS show! it was definitely inspiring to me!

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