Watercolor Color Painting!

Now days I am practicing Watercolor and I am in love with WATER COLORS. 🙂 I just thought of sharing the painting process

pencil drawing



Here are some steps…

This is a very first step of painting. You should be clear with the concept in mind or you can use a photograph for reference.

I generally draw the basic forms and add details later at painting stage.

Choosing Colors and Palette
After you done with your drawing you need to choose specific palette for your painting. Try to use basic colors meaning if you are doing flower stocks then try Yellow + Blue for Green; it adds freshness to your paining.

Color Mixing
Use always fresh colors, fresh is always best! Squeeze the enough amount of color for the painting you are working on. It’s easy to mix wet colors rather than adding water to dry left over paint then mix it with other paint for desired color. Till the time your paint on paper gets dry, so you wouldn’t be able to merge properly; so I prefer to use wet colors for better results.

Actually mixing colors is not that much difficult as you would imagine. For that you just need to have good understanding of the color-wheel. You should know the basics i.e. Primary colors, complementary colors etc…

Applying Color
I usually apply a lighter color patch at the bottom with wet brush and then add layers over it. While painting of animals or birds I use dry brush technique. It gives nice feather effect. Sometimes colors can directly mix on paper instead of mixing in palette.

Painting water
If you are doing watercolor then you must keep the water container clean. If the water is dirty then those colors from water container comes on your paper and it turns into dull pale colors. That’s why clean water is important.

I’ll be adding more paintings to this series soon. 🙂

Happy Painting!

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